In Accordance With

2020, 4k video, 7 min- This speculative fiction short film imagines a world in which the territory of the body and the territory of this nation are collapsed into one space. At a border checkpoint, pregnant people are forced to endure invasive and emotionally abusive measures in order to get an abortion. Ultimately, the film explores whether this fictional world is really that different from the one we are currently living in.


Made possible by: The Brooklyn Arts Council, The Meerkat Media Collective


Select screenings: The Maryland Film Festival, The Athena Film Festival, The ReProFilm Festival, BooooomTV


  • Featuring- Brittany Henry, Claire Jamison, Rebecca Lovett, Samuel Dunning, Joe L. Hunt, John Jarusiewicz, Clarence C. Williams
  • Directors/ Producers –– Sarah Ema Friedland and Alessandra Lacorazza
  • Writer –– Sarah Ema Friedland
  • Assistant Director –– Chloe Gbai
  • Cinematographer –– Sean Hanley
  • Assistant Camera –– Amanda Nicole Reyes
  • Sound Recordists –– Kaija Siirala and Zeshawn Ali
  • Editors –– Samin Pogoff, Alex Mallis, Alessandra Lacorazza, and Sarah Ema Friedland
  • Original Sound “Hands Off” Recorded by –– Alexis Powell and William Tyler